Magnesium for athletes

Every person needs magnesium! It is this mineral that is responsible for the production of energy and nerve impulses by the body, the synthesis of proteins, and strengthening the immune system. The normal functioning of biochemical processes is impossible without magnesium. People who play sports have a double burden on the body, and therefore require more magnesium!

Because during exercise, magnesium is flushed out of the muscles along with fluids. Magnesium is an important factor in maintaining healthy bones. A balanced ratio of magnesium and calcium levels is a prerequisite for proper muscle function.

After physical exertion, the use of magnesium oil will accelerate the elimination of lactic acid from the muscles and relieve you of the so-called DOMS! The daily allowance is 300-400 mg ⠀

Take care of your health and replenish magnesium reserves in the body in time, with the help of Magnesium Oil from Dr. MagnesiumTM.