Nourishing spray “FITORINOS” with chamomile

Рекомендовано в якості профілактичного засобу в комплексній терапії при ГРВІ ТА ГРЗ , в якості пом’якшуючого ,антисептичного , протизапального , ранозагоюючого засобу.

50 грн.


For implementation through pharmacy network.

Composition: water, chamomile extract, FITOR, PEO-1500, propylene glycol, povidon K-17.

It is recommended as a preventive agent in complex therapy with ARI and ARI, as a softening, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory,
healing agent.

The use of the remedy is confirmed by studies conducted in the laboratory, which is accredited by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

Method of application:  intranasal one injection in each nostril, 2 – 3 times a day.

Shake before use.

 Contraindications: individual non-perception of the individual components of the drug, children under 12 years of age.

Storage: in rooms protected from light at a temperature not exceeding 25 ° C and a relative humidity not more than 75%.

Shelf life: 24 months from the date of manufacture. The date of manufacture is the batch number and indicated on the label of the bottle.