Phitorum agent with panthenol in the form of phitorum suppositories

Indications for use: hygienic and prophylactic agent in complex


In a proctology: inflammatory disease of gastrointestinal tract

(hemorrhoids, proctitis, colitis, anal fissure, sigmoiditis).

In a gynecology: vaginitis of a different etiology, cervical

erosion, adnexitis, healing agent, antifungal agent.

In a urology: cystitis, prostatitis, urethritis.

Compositionphitorum, panthenol, adjuvants: PEG 1500, PEG

6000, lanolin; 1,2 – propylene glycol.


Dosage and administration: phitorum suppositories use rectally or vaginally 1-2 times a day one phitorum suppository 7-10 days, further application deadline agreed with the doctor.

Contraindications: idiosyncrasy components. Phitorum suppositories aren’t toxic, have no irritating and locally cumulative properties.

How supplied: two blisters on 5 phitorum suppositories in a cardboard box. It is not a medication.

Storage: Store this agent in a dry, dark place; protected from light and not above 180C, relative humidity 60%.

Expiration date: It should be consumed within 18 months after production date


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