It develops rapidly and takes a long time to heal. This is about laryngitis

Almost everyone has seen and heard patients with laryngitis, and many have already experienced this condition.

Here are the main symptoms of laryngitis:

✔️ Hoarseness or complete disappearance of the voice.

✔️ Dry cough.

✔️ Quite a typical “barking” cough.

✔️ Pain when swallowing, and as a result – loss of appetite.

✔️ Headache, fever, weakness are signs of intoxication. ⠀

Speech impairment in laryngitis is due to the fact that the vocal cords are located in this particular part of the respiratory system. Since the vocal cords are a rather delicate device, laryngitis almost always causes the voice to change or disappear. ⠀

In accordance with the recommendations of a specialist, you can use a spray for oral hygiene based on FITOR from “BIO-VITA” – a drug with antimicrobial and antifungal action, capable of fighting pathogens that multiply on the throat mucosa during illness. ⠀

Irrigation of the oropharyngeal mucosa is an important part of the treatment of diseases accompanied by a sore throat. Sprays are effective in that they directly affect the inflammatory focus, eliminating swelling and discomfort.