FITOR and Essential oils against maxillary sinusitis

FITOR is used as a prophylactic agent and in complex therapy for respiratory infections, hypothermia, rhinitis, as a prevention of inflammation of maxillary sinuses.

FITOR promotes the production of interferon in the body, which has antiviral effect.

Essential oils in maxillary sinusitis strengthen the effect of the medicines used e.g. antibiotics and lead to a quicker onset of recovery and a sustained clinical effect.

They act directly on the causative factor of the disease, i.e. on the infectious origin of the disease. The therapeutic effectiveness of essential oils can be explained by their beneficial properties:
▫️antibacterial action
▫️ antiviral effect
▫️antimycotic action
▫️ antispasmodic effect
▫️ analgesic effect
▫️ antiedematous effect

The therapeutic effect of essential oils in maxillary sinusitis is due to their influence on the pathogenic microflora.

At the same time there is an increase in the antimicrobial activity of antibacterial drugs, often used to suppress the growth of pathogens in the area of the sinuses.