Garlic oil – healing properties

Garlic oil has such a strong anti-inflammatory effect that it can be compared to antibiotics. Above all, the use of garlic oil is recommended for the prevention of various infections and colds in children and adults.

These are: bronchitis, flu, tracheitis, SARS, tuberculosis, sore throat, chronic tonsillitis, runny nose and other respiratory diseases. Garlic oil helps speedy removal of phlegm and mucus from the respiratory system.

Studies have shown the effectiveness of garlic oil in the fight against cancer, as well as for their prevention. This is due to the fact that the natural phytoelements of garlic inhibit the activity of tumor enzymes.

Garlic oil inhibits the formation of nitric acid amine, a substance that contributes to the formation of cancer, preventing the growth and development of cancer cells. The selenium and carotene in this oil also play an important role in preventing cancer.

Studies conducted by modern scientists have confirmed that regular consumption of garlic in middle-aged and elderly people greatly improves the elasticity of blood vessels. Biologically, people who regularly consume garlic are about 15 years younger than their peers.

The same amazing medicinal properties with the same spectrum of action as fresh garlic also possesses garlic oil, which people began using a very long time ago.

Nostradamus himself was said to have rubbed garlic oil on his body when he went to visit his many patients during the plague.

Studies by modern scientists have proven that garlic oil can reduce blood cholesterol by ≈20%.

According to results published in The British Medical Journal (1985), a study of 62 patients who had myocardial infarction and had cholesterol levels of 250-350 mg/L, took garlic oil, which was able to reduce cholesterol levels by 18%.