The benefits of sea buckthorn oil in gynecology

Sea buckthorn oil for the treatment of erosive ulcers on the cervix is ​​used only under the condition that the damage is minimal and diagnosed in the early stages.

Erosion is a dangerous pathology that is asymptomatic for a long time, therefore, drug treatment without surgery is ineffective. But after surgical manipulations, well-chosen drugs are the key to a quick recovery and preservation of reproductive function.

Erosion treatment with candles or sea buckthorn oil is convenient for women, since such therapy does not require hospitalization. Women can organize quality treatment at home. ⠀ Within 4-5 days after the start of therapy, the patient will feel a significant improvement in well-being.

Regularly using suppositories with sea buckthorn oil in case of erosion, in a short time it will be possible to evaluate such benefits of therapy. ⠀ Means based on sea buckthorn are natural, non-toxic, hypoallergenic. They can even be used by pregnant women.

Sea buckthorn oil is effective not only for erosion, but also for other complex uterine pathologies, such as candidiasis, endometritis, thrush, etc. Despite the numerous benefits and beneficial properties, before using candles after burning erosion, you should consult your doctor.